The company was founded in New York in 1923 as ‘Honesdale Manufacturing Co.’ by Henry I. Siegel from Lublin. The business concept of the company was the production of sturdy work clothes for plantation workers to be worn during the cotton harvest in Tennessee. Production of the jeans clothing, whose cotton was from three of the company’s own plantations, also took place in Bruceton. Thanks to the workmanship and the stabile quality of his jeans products, Siegel also became the supplier of the US Army, for which he provided sturdy combat jackets during World War II.

When Henry I. Siegel died in 1949, his 19-year-old sun Jesse Siegel took over the management of the company. His concept was to develop fashionable clothing from the jeans that up until that point had only been produced as work clothes. In 1956, as an homage to his father, Jesse Siegel established the H.I.S brand, whose logo is composed of Henry I. Siegel’s initials. By the mid-60s the H.I.S brand had evolved into one of the top American labels for young men’s sportswear. In 1962 Jesse Siegel renamed the Honesdale Manufacturing Co. ‘Henry I. Siegel Co.’ in memory of this father. Encouraged by his wife Barbara, from 1964 on Siegel designed jeans for women in addition to men’s jeans. Since women’s fashion was increasingly designed after man-tailored models, the women’s jeans were successful as well.

In the early and mid-1970s H.I.S jeans were also launched in the European market. Siegel surprised the jeans industry by becoming the first jeans manufacturer to offer every model in different leg lengths and waists. The concept of fits made H.I.S the third-largest women’s jeans manufacturer in America in the 1980s.

After the turn of the millennium things became quiet about the H.I.S brand and it disappeared from the shops for a short while. In 2008 H.I.S Textil GmbH was established in Hamburg. One year later the company launched H.I.S WOMEN in the market. Shortly later the new women’s collection was followed by a men’s collection whose campaign was set against the backdrop of the wild 1920s in New York. In 2010 H.I.S started supporting the ‘Cotton made in Africa’ initiative. Since then H.I.S has supplied jeans and tops from sustainably produced cotton for both the WOMEN’s and the MEN’s collection.